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Q. Are there policies regarding how to use the UM logo or design an event invitation, poster, or program?

A. Yes! The UM Visual Identity Manual as well as Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Visual Identity webpage. Please contact University Communications directly with any questions or concerns.


Q. Are there banners or tablecloths with the UM logo on them that are available to rent?  What are the costs?

A. The Office of Events Management and Special Projects owns banners, backdrops and tablecloths that are made available for Advancement events.  For questions or availability on borrowing items, please contact the Office of Events Management prior to your event by emailing or calling (305) 284-6486. Dry cleaning fees may apply.


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Q. How do I reserve Sebastian the Ibis?

A. The Athletic department requires that you complete the Mascot Request Form to request Sebastian the Ibis to appear at an event. Per Athletics guidelines, when booking Sebastian the Ibis for an event please be aware that Sebastian will need a private room that can be locked to change and a $75 fee per hour will be assessed for each booking. If a request for Sebastian is made with less than three weeks notice, there will be an additional charge. Remember to provide Sebastian with bottled water.


Q. How do I reserve University of Miami cheerleaders or the Sunsations?

A. Please complete the Cheer and Sunsations Request Form with the Athletics department to reserve University of Miami cheerleaders or the Sunsations for an event.


Q. How do I reserve Frost School of Music musicians to perform at my event?

A. Contact Cassandra White, Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office for the Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music, at (305) 284-2241 to find interested Frost School of Music students to perform at your event.


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Q. Who do I contact to request facilities or housekeeping on campus?

A. To place a facilities request or GCA Services request for housekeeping, fill out the online Work Request Form with Facilities Management. Contact numbers for the facility department at each campus are as follows: Coral Gables Campus (305) 284-8282, Medical Campus (305) 243-6375, RSMAS Campus (305) 421-4066.


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Q. How long before an event should I send out an invitation?

A. Invitations for an event should be sent four to six weeks before the scheduled event date or as long as planning time permits.  If the event is inside of the six week mark we advise sending an electronic invitation, provided you have e-mail addresses.


Q. How far in advance should I begin planning my event?

A. Lead times for events vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the event. For a general timeline to use as a template, please visit our Forms and Resources page.


Q. My event is outside. What’s the best way to monitor the weather?

A. The Office of Emergency Management recommends the website for forecasting on the Coral Gables, RSMAS, and Medical campuses. Select your campus by using the drop-down menu under “Weatherstem Units.”


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Q. Where do I find information about Parking and Transportation as it relates to events? 

A. Visit the University of Miami Parking and Transportation website to learn more about guidelines and resources available to you for your event.


Q. How do I reserve valet and parking spaces on campus? 

A. To place a request for valet or parking spaces on campus at the University of Miami, please complete the Office of Parking and Transportation's Service Request Form.  Remember to discuss needs for valet, reserved parking spaces for VIPs, staff, volunteers, vendors, shuttles, and security/police for closed roads. 


Q. My event is small, do I still need to advise the Office of Parking and Transportation about my event?

A. Yes. It is always important to update the Office of Parking and Transportation about any event, large or small, taking place on campus to ensure that event attendees are not ticketed and space is available. There may be closures or other event happenings that may affect your plans. For questions you can contact the Event Assistant with the Office of Parking and Transportation at (305) 284-1641 or


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Q. How do I determine the best date for my event? 

A. When selecting a date for your event, please consider other University or Advancement events, holidays, public and private school recesses, local events in the City, and external influences such as expected weather.


   Q. How do I post my event on the Advancement calendar?

A. The Advancement calendar is available to Advancement team members to list any and all events being coordinated by the unit, school or college that involves donor/constituent participation. You should designate one person in your unit, school or college to post events on the Advancement calendar. To request access, please contact Montserrat Fisher at (305) 284-6486 or


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Q. How do I reserve security or a police officer for an on-campus event?

A. To book a University of Miami security officer or off-duty university police officer on the Coral Gables Campus, please complete the Security Guard Request Form.  Remember to discuss security needs and the level of security guard/police officer needed.  Please refer any questions to the Manager of Security with UM Security at (305) 284-6897.


Q. How do I reserve an Advance Life Support (ALS) rescue crew to be on-site at my event in case of any emergencies?

A. You can hire an ALS rescue crew (paramedics) to be on-site at your event to quickly handle any emergencies, by calling the Coral Gables Fire Department at 305-460-5569 and submitting a request. Please notify University Police of your reservation for informational purposes.


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Q. How can I see if a vendor is already vendorized with the University of Miami?

A. Log into the Departmental Management Accounting System (DMAS).  On the home page click on “Purchasing” from the main menu.  Next, click on “Vendor Information” and when redirected enter the vendor number or vendor name and click “Lookup Vendor”.  For additional questions about whether a vendor is vendorized you may contact Purchasing at (305) 284-3570.


Q. How can I find approved vendors for catering, audio/visual, or giveaways?

A. Log into the Departmental Management Accounting System (DMAS). On the home page click on “Purchasing” from the main menu.  Next, click on “Vendor Information” and when redirected select the Primary Commodity you are interested in, such as Catering or Audio/Visual.  Once you have selected the Primary Commodity, click “Lookup Vendor by Commodity”. You should also check with your venue, to ensure they do not have catering or audio visual restrictions in place. 


Q. Does UM have discounted rates at hotels?

A. The Office of Travel Management, has a listing of local, domestic and international hotels that offer special discounted rates. Visit their website for the most current listing of hotels.  


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Q. Where can I find venues available on campus at the University of Miami?

A. The Office of Events Management has compiled an extensive listing of rooms and venues available for events. To access listings, visit our Forms and Resources page.  Please contact the venue directly for further information.


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