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Citizens Board - Select Projects Fund

The Citizens Board Select Projects Fund consists of funds contributed through annual dues and other direct contributions by Citizens Board members for allocation in the name of the Citizens Board to University-related, programs and projects. The Select Projects Fund does not include funds contributed by members of the Citizens Board that are designated for a specific University program or project.


Members for 2011-2012 are:


Steven J. Brodie, Esq.

Alfred A. Bunge

Peggy M. Hollander

Sandy Jukel

Eric T. Levin

Lee J. Osiason, Esq.

Louis M. Reidenberg, Esq.

Frank Rosell

Robert D. Rubin

John C. Strickroot, Esq.

Albert Vara

Julie A.S. Williamson, Esq.


Deadline for proposals this year is to be determined.


* Due to unforeseen circumstances, the fall meeting has been cancelled and the next meeting will be in the spring.  If you have any questions, please contact the Citizens Board office at 305-284-5251


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Citizens Board Select Projects Fund Guidelines
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